Have you ever traveled on a flight with an infant? If so, are you aware of the documents that you need to carry?When you enter an airport with a baby, it is mandatory to show any form of identification. However, showing a birth certificate is enough for a baby or a child traveling domestically while an adult requires a government-issued photo ID. But when you are traveling outside the country with an infant, each individual, regardless of age, requires a valid passport. Thus, before you take your child to the airport, make sure you carry their proper ID that is needed to board the plane or else your trip can be cut short.

The documents that are required while traveling with a baby-

The Baby’s Birth Certificate

The most important form of ID that is accepted everywhere within the country is a birth certificate. Make sure to carry a birth certificate of your baby while traveling with them within the country. This certificate is important to prove the baby’s age and parentage, so you need to check whether the certificate contains the names of both parents including the mother’s maiden name.

Parent’s Letter of Consent

When a baby is traveling without the baby’s other parent or legal guardian, the single parent who is traveling with the baby needs a letter of consent written by the other parent. The letter should be stating that the accompanying parent is allowed to travel with the baby. You can also have a discussion with the airline to see if this step is necessary while traveling domestically or internationally. Similarly, it is important to carry the death certificate of a deceased parent while you are traveling with his or her baby.

Passport Requirements for Babies

One should keep in mind that babies, just like adults needs to carry a valid passport and the required visas while flying out of the country. No person, regardless of age, will be allowed to enter the airport or board an international flight without a passport. You can have a word with the U.S. State Department while obtaining a passport for an unborn or newborn infant before traveling.

Traveling with Babies

When an adult is traveling with a baby, the parent will be required to carry the same type of ID when he or she is flying solo. Moreover, the ID should properly connect the parent to the baby. For example, the parent’s name should be mentioned on the baby’s birth certificate. Also, when you are traveling with an adopted baby, it is important to carry the child’s birth certificate and adoption papers, as they are required to verify the parent as the legal guardian of the baby.

Thus, make sure you have the required documents whenever you are traveling with a baby. All the airlines more or less have the same policies. Similarly, if you are traveling on Air Canada, Spirit Airlines or any other airlines, you need to carry the required documents. For more information, you can contact at Airlines customer service such as Air Canada customer service, Spirit Airlines customer service +1-800-962-1798 before travelling with an infant.

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