Have you ever traveled with United Airlines?

If not, you must know that United Airlines is the biggest airline alliance in the world and is a founding member of Star Alliance.

The Airlines spoils you with its several choices. It operates with a slogan of “Fly the Friendly Skies,” and provides unlimited quality services to its customers.

If you want to travel around the U.S. or even to international destinations, United Airlines will always have flight choices that work according to your travel plans. You might have heard of United or also flown with the airline in the past, but you must not be aware of the pretty interesting facts about the Airlines.

United was the first ever airline hat started hiring female flight attendants

In earlier times, airlines were not in favor of hiring women. But a lady called Ellen Church changed this thought. When Church was rejected as a pilot, she proposed the offer to hire her for carrying other responsibilities that were usually managed by co-pilots, such as carrying bags, locking the seats before takeoff, and presenting lunches, etc. Church succeeded in her mission as the officials agreed to hire eight women, but only on a three-month trial.

It is rated one of the safest airlines in the world

United Airlines was marked as one of the most reliable airlines to fly with by Airlineratings.com in its annual list of 20 companies that had the fewest number of safety violations. United Airlines got a seven on seven stars and was ranked sixth on the list with only 0.0000407 incidents per flight.

United Airlines had the first flight kitchen ever made

Do you not love to eat some great food while traveling in the air? United Airlines was the first ever airline to introduce a commercial flight kitchen. The initiative was taken to keep their passengers satisfied and encourage them to fly again with United Airlines. It was one of the greatest moments in the entire history of flights and a happy news for foodies all over the world.

The airline earns more than any other airline by having extra charges

While flying, if you prefer to carry one or more bags, you need to be ready to make a payment for that. If you are among those passengers who purchase the cheapest available ticket under United’s new pricing tier, you must be aware that you are allowed only one personal item that will fit under a seat.

United flight attendants are required to try and sell you a United credit card during the flight

If you have recently traveled with United Airlines either domestically or internationally, you might be aware of the new promotion which you are a part of. According to the Travel industry experts report, United Airlines is now is training their flight attendants to know about their co-branded credit card and pitch a new United Explorer Card.

If you have not yet traveled with United Airlines, you should waste no time and book your next trip with the airlines to experience the extraordinary services it provides. If you have any query, you can contact United Airlines reservations phone number +1-800-962-1798 and solve all your doubts.

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